Queens Peak Floor Plan holds a variety of designs that are bound to appeal to people willing to own a practical yet luxurious living as well as the people looking to invest in a premier lifestyle destination for renting the properties and generating profits.

It is anticipated to be the most “rentable” project in future due to it closed proximity to Queenstown MRT station. A link bridge on the 2nd storey of the project will be constructed and connect directly to the train station.

Queens Peak condo residencies are a total of 736 independent units that are spread over two, 44 story, and high rise towers located on the North and South on the Dundee road.

More than 60% of the complete project is going to consist of 1 bedroom units along with 2 and 3 bedroom units.

Queens Peak Floor Plan encompass compacted, first-rate finest and supplementary study room space for available extra room in the above mentioned unit types.

Queens Peak Floor Plan in Detail:

The floor plan is presented for the Botanic Collection from levels 8 to 26 and the Skye Collection from level 28 to level 44.

Type AS1Type B1
Botanic Collectiono Consisting of 1 bedroom and a compact study unit.
o Suitable for bachelor accommodation or even married working couples.
o Has first-class cross wind ventilation
o The compact study unit can be set up as a simple home office.
o The study space is big enough to comfortably fit in a bed, making it easier to convert it into a guest bedroom.
o Superior Kitchen features including the integrated fridge pull out counter top for that extra counter space, railing system cabinetry with a dish rack tray and many others.
o Best suited for a small family like a couple with 1 child.
o Comfortably cross wind ventilated unit.
o A communal bathroom with an adequate cabinetry space for a family of 3
o Housekeeping closets with washing machines and shelves above for washing accessories.
o Comfortable Kitchen organization accessories like the pull out counter space, drawers for spice jars and bottles & sauces and railing system based cabinets.
Type C8Type D
The Skye Collectiono A 3 bedroom unit with an additional utility unit
o Has a private lift and a personal lobby
o Comfortably cross ventilated along with natural daylight input
o Kitchen includes a considerable counter and an enclosed patio for those family breakfasts and dinners.
o The utility room can be changed into a maid’s room or the children’s tuition room
o Good quality Kitchen regulation accessories like the dish tray racks, drawers for spices jars and bottles of sauces etc. with hanging shelves.
o The Living room, the dinning, the Kitchen and the patio can easily be separated from private abode during functions.
o A 4 bedroom unit with an extra utility unit
o Suitable for a multi-member mature family
o Private lobby for a private lift to your independent unit
o Family area for games, activities and/or functions
o Generous balcony suitable for outdoor dining experience
o Naturally vented Kitchen
Type ESuper Penthouse
The Skye Collectiono a 5 bedroom + a utility unit
o Personal lift and lobby space
o Sizeable balcony
o An extensive family area
o Natural ventilation
o A total of 4 units only
o 5 luxury bedrooms with attached bath with a walk in wardrobe, a study or a lounge and an additional utility unit.
o Private pool and Jacuzzi
o Division in 2 segments: Private and Party, holding 2 separate kitchens.
o Perfect venue for private functions without any disturbance
o Hefty family area
o Unrestrained outdoor balcony area and a private roof top terrace

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