Queens Peak Price Guide. Immediate Lock In!

1 Bedroom – From $72xk
1 + Study – From $81xk
2 Bedroom & 1 Bathroom – From $96xk
2 Bedroom & 2 Bedroom – From $1.1xm
3 Bedroom – From $1.3xm
4 Bedroom – From $2.3xm
5 Bedroom – From $2.9xm
Penthouse – POA

Queens Peak Price

Queens Peak price ranges from $7xx for a typical one bedroom unit with a size of 431 sqft, and from three over million dollars for a single loading five bedder with spacious bedroom.

The 2002 sqft 5 bedroom is positioned at the best north facing stack from level 29 up to level 43. Owners will be blessed with a panoramic view towards the city skyline and Bukit Timah hill area at their doorstep.

All units in Queens Peak are north-south oriented in the best possible way. This is to minimise the afternoon sun from entering the unit, which will generate additional cost of monthly utility bill.

In addition, Queens Peak is strategically positioned right next to Commonwealth Tower, which is situated on the west direction. It will help to shield away from the afternoon sun during the hottest period from 4 pm to 6pm.

Queens Peak PSF is approximately from $1770 psf for the smallest one bedder in the development. The bigger unit like 5 bedroom will have a lower per square foot price, that is, from $1490 psf onwards for a unit at level 29.

Queens Peak Price & PSF for Botanic Collection

In order to maintain Queens Peak price to an affordable level that can attract investors, the Botanic Collection houses generally the smaller apartment. It ranges from 1 bedroom, 1+study, 2 bedroom, 2 bedroom with private lift and 3 bedroom.

Compare to the neighbouring new launch, Queens Peak price is a good entry level for those seeking to own a property in city fringe District 3.

StackTypeSize (Sqft)Price (Cheapest Available)
04 (e.g. #08-04)A1a (1 bedroom)431$76xk (above #20)
23A1a (1 bedroom)431$73xk (above #20)
11A1 (1 bedroom)431$72xk (above #18)
17A1 (1 bedroom)431$76xk (above #20)
05A2a (1 bedroom)441$75xk (above #13)
24A2a (1 bedroom)441$72xk (above #15)
10A2 (1 bedroom)441$72xk (above #13)
16A2 (1 bedroom)441$74xk (above #12)
02AS1 (1+Study)484$870k (last unit)
21AS1 (1+Study)484$82xk (last 4 units)
03AS2a (1+Study)495$85xk
22AS2a (1+Study)495$81xk
09AS2 (1+Study)495$81xk
15AS2 (1+Study)495$86xk
06B1a (2 bed 1 bath)624$1.1xm (last 3 units)
25B1a (2 bed 1 bath)624$1.0xm
12B1 (2 bed 1 bath)624$96xk
18B1 (2 bed 1 bath)624$1.09xm (last 3 units)
01B2 (2 bed 2 bath)775$1.2xm
08B2 (2 bed 2 bath)775$1.1xm
14B2 (2 bed 2 bath)775$1.1xm
20B2 (2 bed 2 bath)775$1.1xm
07B3 (2 bed Private lift)807$1.2xm
26B3 (2 bed Private lift)807$1.2xm
13C1 (3 bed Private lift)947$1.3xm
19C1 (3 bed Private lift)947$1.3xm

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Queens Peak Price & PSF for Skye Collection

The Skye Collection houses mainly the bigger units that are more for own stay purpose rather than investment. It starts from level 28 onwards, up to level 43, with 4 super penthouses on level 44.

Queens Peak PSF for Skye Collection is generally lower due to its sizeable units. It is also common to have lower per square foot price for bigger units in most of the new launch or resale condo.

Having say that, the architect of this new launch had smartly strike a balance in creating sufficient space suitable for family staying. And at the same time making it affordable for each household.

StackTypeSize (Sqft)Price (Cheapest Available)
03C2 (3 bedroom)861$1.4xm
22C2 (3 bedroom)861$1.4xm
05C3 (3 bedroom)840$1.4xm
23C3 (3 bedroom)840$1.3xm
09C4 (3 bedroom)850$1.3xm
17C4 (3 bedroom)850$1.4xm
01C5 (3 bedroom)936$1.5xm
20C5 (3 bedroom)936$1.4xm
12C6 (3 bedroom)807$1.3xm
08C7 (3 bedroom Private lift)1001$1.6xm
15C7 (3 bedroom Private lift)1001$1.6xm
13C8 (3 bedroom Private lift)1055$1.6xm
07D1 (4 bedroom Private lift)1507$2.3xm
25D1 (4 bedroom Private lift)1507$2.2xm
18E1 (5 bedroom Private lift)2002$2.9xm
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